Sanitize Your Life Forever

Portable Refillable Solutions

Small (2 oz.) size fits perfectly in your purse, backpack, seat pack, glove box, or gear bag.

Home Refillable solutions

Larger (8 oz.) bottle for the kitchen, bathroom, garage, boat or RV.

The Best Sanitizer for your active life

Features: Self-contained Ag+ generating applicator, fast-acting bactericide, fungicide, virucide. Safe for people, plants, animals. Colorless, odorless, non-staining, reusable.

Uses: Laundry, wound care, kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces, garden blights, sports/camping gear, toys, athlete’s foot, etc.

Online Ordering

Purchase 3 or 300, order some for a friend or colleague, we can handle it.

Eco Friendly

Reusable, non-toxic, natural fast-acting bactericide, fungicide, virucide.

10 Minutes

Add distilled water, wait 10 minutes, and you are ready to sanitize.

Sanitize your health.

The use of silver in various forms for water treatment, wound and burn dressings, ointment for the eyes of newborns reach back to ancient times. Today, silver ions are incorporated in water purification, surgical bandages, sanitizers for pool and spa waters and fabrics and clothing which suppresses organismal growth and consequent odors. Clinical applications include acne treatment, oral rinses and vaginal douches.

Elemental silver metal, Ag, may be oxidized to silver ion, Ag+, the soluble, biologically- active species of the element. Silver ion solution is colorless, odorless, tasteless and non-toxic.

For decades, silver ion solutions have been thoroughly tested for safety by way of standardized acute toxicity protocols which are widely accepted among chemical, consumer goods and pharmaceutical industries and U. S. government agencies.

Sanitize your activities

Gloves, helmet, boots, jacket. Nothing worse than a good day on the mountain and the lingering stink of your gear on the drive home. Just a quick spray of Silver Sanitizer and the funk is in the past. You are ready for another day on the slopes, without holding your nose.

Just a quick spray on my helmet and pads really keeps the smell away. I recommend this for all athletes.

– Jeffrey

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